Brand Rules

Brand Guidelines for Third-Party Use

This guide will help you use the brand and assets, including our logo without having to worry about using them incorrectly.

Using the brand

If you are ever in doubt, just refer back to these guidelines or send an email to for some yoda-like brand wisdom. It’s pretty flexible, so be creative while loving and respecting our brand.

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openlegal brand board


Please always spell Openlegal™ as Openlegal™ Not: OpenLegal, Open Legal, openLegal, etc.

Openlegal™ is a trademark of Jonathan R. Pasky

Do's & Dont's

Allow correct clear space around the logo Minimum logo size is 110 pixels wide

Don’t change the logo color Don’t change the logo to outlines Don’t skew the logo

Don’t put the logo in a box Don’t use the logo on complex backgrounds

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