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Contact us to start the conversation. We’ll schedule a time to talk with you to learn more about your business and team, and help you determine which Openlegal™ Package best suits your needs. We’ll recommend two or more Openlegal™ attorneys who we believe would best match your needs and team’s work-style. We’ll give you some paperwork to sign, and your Openlegal™ attorney will get started.

You commit upfront to a block of time to ensure the availability of the attorney and avoid the surprises that come with hourly billing or select from Patents, Trademark & Copyright, Tech Transactional or Litigation Flat Fee Services. Openlegal™ Packages cover a wide range of commitment levels from 20 hours per month (i.e. about 5 hours a week) to full-time engagements, one time copyright filings to highly complex patent filings, and (almost) everything in between (except by the hour… that’s what Openlegal™ is for!).

Contact us, and we’ll help you figure out which Openlegal™ Package is right for you (or answer a few questions to see if Openlegal™ is right or not).

All hours roll-over monthly during a fiscal quarter, but they will expire at the end of the 13 weeks. In other words, hours don’t roll-over from one quarter to the next.

Openlegal™ requires you to commit upfront to a block of time for Flat Fee Counsel Packages to reserve the availability of an Openlegal™ attorney during the engagement period. To ensure their availability, we pay our attorneys for the commitment (not for the actual hours worked), since we expect them to give up other opportunities to meet the commitment (assuming you give the attorney enough work to fill their plate).

Keep in mind, however, even if you aren’t able to use all the hours in your Flat Fee Counsel Packages, if you’ve been using a law firm for this work before Openlegal™, if you use ½ of the hours you signed up for, you’re already saving money and the other half of the hours will compound your savings!

We understand that your workflow may be a little uneven from week to week, and that’s fine!

However, we do expect you to be reasonable and understand that it’s likely impossible for our attorneys to have the bandwidth to work all of the hours on the last day of the engagement. Therefore, we encourage a lot of communication between you and the Openlegal™ attorney about projects you see and the timing of those projects to help set expectations.

The attorney will keep you updated regarding the “pace” of their hours and we’ll try to help you get the most value out of the plan you pick.

Unlike interim legal staffing agencies, we give you access to attorneys who will work with you on an in-house basis at cost-effective rates. Also, unlike those agencies, we’re connected to an actual law firm, Pasky Gruber LLC.

While we want to help every client grow and succeed, Openlegal™ solutions are generally best during the company’s initial start-up stage up to Series B Financing.

Openlegal™ is perfect for the early-stage company that’s growing quickly and are contemplating hiring but not sure if it’s the right time. Or maybe you’re a late-stage company that needs to fill a substantial need not covered by your current team.

The quickest way to figure out if Openlegal™ is a good solution for you is to contact us about your current needs and growth plans. We’ll help you assess whether Openlegal™ is right for you right now.

If you’re curious if Openlegal™ might be right for you, answer a few questions.

Openlegal™ clients range from public companies to high-growth tech companies. Want specifics? Client List

Clients of Openlegal™ are clients of Pasky Gruber in order to provide access to the law firm attorneys.

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