Our Unique Approach

We've devoted substantial planning to reconfigure the approach and technology behind delivering top-level legal services.

Simplifying the complex

We make the job of providing flat-fee long-range strategic legal planning, flat-fee corporate, intellectual property and patent services, & flat-fee litigation easier.

Your choice to use openlegal™ will ultimately save you time, effort & resources while providing you the peace of mind that your company and its assets are protected.

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openlegal simplifies the complex

Flat rates, reduced fees

Our fixed fee pricing structure encourages a long-term relationship with our clients. You will always know the price for a legal service or project before we do it.

Our goal is to reduce your legal fees by at least 35-40% from those charged by larger law firms, by packaging your legal needs.

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openlegal flat fees and reduced rates

Accountable. Predictable. Affordable.

You will know what we are doing for you and your business and how much it will cost.

We are straight with you and we trust that as you grow your business, you will be fair with us in return.

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openlegal's straight forward and honest approach

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